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Lindsey Kay

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My song 2 Mark Tyler Triggs <3 [Sep. 28th, 2004|10:49 pm]
Lindsey Kay
[mood |lovedloved]
[music |Baby Its You - JoJo]

"Baby It's You"


[Verse 1]
Can somebody explain to me
Why everybody is trying to be
Living like a celebrity
Doing what they see on MTV.
Ice is cool but I am looking for more, simple things is what my heart beats for.

Cause that's me
I don't ask for much
Having you is enough

You ain't got to buy nothing
It's not what I want
Baby it's You
We don't have to go nowhere
Its not what I want
Baby it's you
It's not for what you got
Cause I know you got alot
No matter what you do
You always gettin Hot
It's You,
It's You
Baby all I want is You Yeah

[Verse 2]
It don't matter that your car is fly
And your rims are spinning on the side and
It don't matter where we go tonight
Cause if I'm with you I'll be alright.
That's cool but I'm lookin for more
Its your love that my heart beats for.

Cause thats me
Don't have to spend a dime
I just want your time.

gosh .. i just luv him soo much :) we had a long talk today ! i think were gonna make it .. for a long time :) we care about eachother alot :0) well im gonna go dream about him now :) goodnite :)

Lindsey Kay
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miss you guys :) [Sep. 26th, 2004|01:34 pm]
Lindsey Kay
[mood |highu know u smoke to :)]
[music |Break Down Here * Julie Roberts]

shhhhiiiaaaat ! its been a while guys lol . i havent written in this thing in a grip !! but thas ok cause i have alot to talk about :)

well school is ok i go to challenger now like a fag . !! haha but its cool we dont have school on fridays .. and we only go 3 hours a day :) .. i met a new guy :) hes great his name is Mark ( tyler triggs ) im just soo in love with his name ! i dont know why ! lol .. but yah we are in the same class and we hang out ALLLL THE TIME ! its soo great ! hes hilarious .. and my whole family loves him :) witch i think ... is a great thing :)
UrRr ... my sister is pregnant !! omg i know .. isnt that fuckin weird ? but shes about 5 months now .. shes doin real good :) her and Evan moved out together :) they live right by mark so i go over there alot more now :) HAHA .... and they are happy ... :)

the other night i got real drunk with Alyia ( my best freind ) and i was sposed to be home at like 10 sumthing .. and i didnt even get home until 12:30 .. my dad was pissed .. but i called my sister and i was like " ASHLEY >> PWWEEEESSSSEEEE come and get me .. im fuckin drunk as shit " and she was like .. GOD DAMNIT LINDSEY .. im never doin this for you again ... but then yesterday she was like . .im sorry for bein so rude to you i will always be there for you when you need me !! her boyfreind loves me too cause he told me that if i ever needed anything then i could just call his cell phone .. it dont matter what time and he will come get me :) hes such a great guy :) ...

i went to chruch last sunday .. it was really cool .. i was sposed to go today with my aunt sema .. but she never called .. so ONCE AGAIN IM LEFT IN THE COLD :( haha .. s'ok .. ill live .. but yah .. i think i wanna do my community services hours there wrokin in the cafe' .. that shit is nice .. its called the champions center ... i love it :)

well i think im gonna go now !!!

i <3 mark !!! :)

lindsey kay <3
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fun times :) [Aug. 10th, 2004|10:21 pm]
Lindsey Kay
[mood |lovedloved]
[music |* I hate everything about you - 3 days grace *]

Well yesterday was great :)

Me , Sean , Alyia , and Aaron all went to Wapito Park .. and drank alcohol .. LOL .. and then we smoked alot of weed .. well Sean didnt ... but im happy he doesnt .. kinda makes me think alot that i shouldnt .. BUT .. anyhow ..

We were walking through the park .. all drunk and high lol .. i think Aaron was kinda freakin out !! but oh well .. hes Bundy .. he will be a G about it :) haha ..

Then we decided to go bowling .. lol .. we are losers .. we only played 2 games ... but it was really fun :) i had a great time !!!

After we went bowling , me and Alyia were like >> WERE HUNGRY !! lol so they took us to Dennys at like 11:00 at night :) .. We love them soo very much !! :)

Then we took Sean home and then they took me home :) i had soo much fun !! me and Sean are slowly gettin closer .. and im soo happy about that !! i cant wait until we can be together all the time .. THAT WOULD BE GREAT !!

But ya today ... Aaron gave me a ride home . and we smoked some pot n everything lol ( like we always do ) .. and i was talkin to myself and started callin these people Giners !!! lol .. like Va ( giner ) .. haha .. and i all busted out with " Im sooo ginerized" i said it instead of sayin i was high !! it was great .. ALyia and Aaron couldnt stop laughin ... I LOVE THEM SOO MUCH !! we are the three stooges !! haha ..

but i gotta go for now .. i will write more later :) promise !! xoxo

Lindsey Kay <3
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WhOa !!! [Aug. 8th, 2004|10:10 pm]
Lindsey Kay
[mood |confusedconfused]
[music |I Need You - Leanne Rimes <3]

WhOa DuDe !!!

it has been like a million years since ive written in this shit !! i remembered about it today !! CrAzY SHiT !!!

But YArR ..

uh i got a new boyfreind ... ( like always ) lol

his name is Sean Micheal Smith and he is fuckin amazing !! :) hes smart , funnie , cool , he dont do drugs ( thats a plus ) and hes fun to be with .. and i love hanging out with him .. hes a cool fuckin guy :)

but ...... theres a minor setback in all the love we have for eachother .. hes 22 years old .. and my "parentals" dont really agree with that .... well my dad dont mind as much as my mom does .. i mean shit .. my mom gets out of prison . finds out im datin a guy whos older than me ( and mind you her boyfreind is a 1st degree sex offender .. take that into consideration ) .. and she thinks she can just up and be like .. : "you cant be with him" ....she staright up told him ( e-mailed him ) and said that she was gonna call the cops on him if he even talked to me... what a fuckin BITCH !!! yah shes not my favorite person in the world right now .. but hey what can you do ? im relaly confused on wether or not i should go against my parents wishes and do what i belive in ya know .. or just giev it a break for a while or sumthing .... i really do love him alot .. and he is a great guy for me .. but ... SHIT .. im confusing myself :/

uhh im going to summer school for all my fuckin up i did .. its workin :) im glad to be doin sumthing producive again :)

anywho ......

im hangin out with this girl who i used to hate ... her name is Alyia Iverson .. she is fuckin cool .. i wish i would have started talkin to her alot sooner .. shes probobly my best freind :) i love her sooo much :)

i dont have much more to write about right now .. but i promise i will start writtin alot more in here .. now that i remember :) xoxo

Lindsey Kay *
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(no subject) [Mar. 24th, 2004|09:33 pm]
Lindsey Kay
[mood |lonelylonely]
[music |burn - usher]

.....so much shit ... cant even begin to describe ..

i really love doug .... but im starting to think that hes losing faith in us ..deep down ... i know its best that wearent together right now ..but .....


i really start im thinkin to like him :( .. i shouldnt be sad .. but i feel like in sum way im betraying doug ... but i mean .. what can you do ..
he came over tonight about 15 minutes ago .. im supposed to sneek out with him tonight and go smoke .. but i know hes gonna try to do stuff with me ... i mean i think i might kiss him to see if there is anything there with us ... but ... i dunno ...SOO MUCH CONFUSION ... i found a song that reminds me of me and doug ... :)

Burn - Usher ...

its gonna burn for me to say this
but its comin from my heart
weve spent along time coming,
but we're better when were apart
i really wanna work this out
but i dont think its gonna change
i do .. but you dont .
thinks its better we go our seperate ways
Tell me why .. should i stay in this relashionship
when im hurting
i aint happy baby ..
cause theres so many other things that i gotta deal with

I think that you should ..
let it burn
when yuor feelings aint the same
and your body dont want you to..
and the party aint jumpin like it used to
let it burn .... let it burn
Deep down you know its best we stop it to..
hate the thought of him being with sumone new
but you know .. that its over

i guess thats about all .. i gotta go ... :) .. ill talk to you guys later ..xoxo

Lindsey Kay *
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sooo much has happened .... [Mar. 23rd, 2004|06:42 pm]
Lindsey Kay
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[music |Figured You Out - Nickelback *]

well i ran away .. again .. lol .. its really hard to stay at home ya know? .. and i really know that i should stay here and try to work out my problems ... but its not that easy .. :( i really wish it was ..

Ummmm Friday night .. lol .. we all got really drunk .. and i met this guy named BoBby .. im not sure if i like him or not .. but he makes me feel really good about myself .. i think that we are gonna hang out this friday ... hes really fuckin hot .. lol .. and hes 19 almost 20 .. and he drives a low rider black 2003 chevy truck .. it has tinted windows .. and his system in it .. is fuckin outrageous !!! lol .. i would do him just cause of his truck .. LMFAO .. im soo j/k .. but yah on a serious note ... i really do think that there could be sumthing there bewteen us ... but ya know ... we gotta see ... and plus i do love doug ... and me and him broke up .. beacuse of everything thats been going on ... to tell you the truth .. i dont think i can deal with all this drama right now .. and he keeps wanting me to tell him if were gonna get back togethern shit .. but i really just dont know .. :/ ..

On saturday night ... i got really drunk AGAIN .. and really fuckin high .. we smoked ALOT of pot .. lol .. and i saw bobby again ... he lives up in issaquah ( spelling EWE ) ... and like ... we just hung out and talked all night .. then i slept at Celinas boyfreind jakes house .. and we fell asleep on the couch together .. wakin up next to him was sort of wierd ... but i mean .. hes really easy on the eyes .. so whatevers clever :) .. lol .. i guess he really likes me too .. but who knows ..

On sunday night ... we all got really really drunk .. lol .. like i was shit faced .. and me and bobby went to go get a sack from Steven .... the famous EX .. lol .. and like .. bobby was all puttin his arms around me tryin to make steven mad .. but we didnt even talk .. lol .. i was like .. whoa dude .. your not my man .. lol .. and he was like .. " well i could be" LMFAO .. i mean hes like fuckin gorgeous .. but ... i dont know him that well ... We slept at my sisters house on sunday night ... we slept on the couch ... im really surprised that all that laying together .. didnt lead to anything .. we just talked and talked .. and talked and then ... talked sum more .. lol .. but i did like talkin to him about doug n stuff ... he calls me alot .. and now were supposed to be hanging out :) .. how fun .... well thats enough about all that .. im gonna go for now .. LOVE YA GUYS !!! xoxo

p.s I GOT INTO INSIGHT :) .. yay

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(no subject) [Mar. 11th, 2004|08:02 pm]
Lindsey Kay
[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |Jay Z - dirt off yout shoulder]

hey everyone ...

well me and shellie arent freinds anymore .. lol .. oh well i mean if she wants to fight then ill whoop her mother fuckin ass !! thats her bad ...

but yah ... me and doug are prolly gonna hang out tomorrow ... im happy ..i miss him .. steven came up to the school today !!! UrGH !! im gettin sick of his ass !! oh well .. what can you do ..

i came home early cause i didnt feel good .. at all .. i was pukin n shit !! it sucked ass !! :/ .. i need sum chronic ... :( im kinda in a bad mood ... ill get over it though !!!

I smoked with Kayla , Robert , Stephanie , Sammie, Jenny .. and Michelle today !!

shellie said FUCK troop 4:20

i say ... fuck that damn bitch !!!

im gonna go for now .. cause im tired as fuck ... goodnight guys !! xoxo

Lindsey Kay *
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(no subject) [Mar. 10th, 2004|09:09 pm]
Lindsey Kay
I really do love doug :)
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scared ... [Mar. 10th, 2004|08:22 pm]
Lindsey Kay
[mood |confusedconfused]
[music |// Cant take Another Heartbreak - Jaged Edge //]

Fell in love with a boy
I fell in love once and almost completely
He's in love with the world
And sometimes these feelings can be so misleading

Hey !!! well .. today was ok i guess .. i had court today for my truancy !! it went well .. i have to do saturday school at reamann hall for a weekend .. but no big deal ... im starting to have second thoughts on dougs intentions on being with me :/ ... sumtimes i KNOW he loves me .. and others its like .. all he ever wants from me is sex .. i mean .. come on now .. everyone loves sex ... and i like it to ... most of the time .. but i feel like .. thats all iam to him .. it breaks my heart . beacuse thats all i ever was to steven .. and i cant stand to be hurt again .. i mean i TRUST DOUG .. with everything i have .. and i know he would never hurt me on purpose .. but im beginning to think that maybe he just dosent relise when hes doing it .. i dont say anything to him about it .. beacuse i hate fighting with him .. but maybe having a boyfreind is too overrated ya know .. :/ ... i have no clue of what to do ... im soo confused .. scared ... i kinda feel used .. :/ i think the only reason i have a hard time beliveing that he loves me .. is beacuse i dont even love myself .. :/ ... why would anyone else?? ... i mean i love doug with all of my heart ... and i cant stand to be without him .. beacuse hes the only person that has ever belived in me ... hes my best freind :( i would do anything for him .. and im sure hed do the same ... WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO ????? ......

On to other news ...
I got home tonight and there was a letter on my front porch that said my name on it .. so i went up to my room and read it .. and it was from Steven .... this is what it said ....

Lindsey Kay ,

I bet your wondering why im writing you this letter ... and to tell you the truth .. im not even sure .. but since you never want to to talk to me . I feel like this is the only way i can make you relise how much i acctually care bout' you. I know in the past i have made alot of mistakes and i hurt ya more than anyone ever has. And i slap myself everynight beacuse i lost the ONE thing that ever really mattered to me . Lindsey , you are the only person who ever thought i could be someone , or do anything with my life. Not even my mom thinks im smart enough to go to school . You used to skip cheer practice just to come and help me with my homework . You were my angel Lindsey , and i need you back in my life. You mean more to me than anything or anyone EVER will .. i promise you dat' .. ( thats serioulsy how he wrote it .. lol ) You are my soul mate . I swear to you Lindsey on everything ive ever loved that if you give me another chance that i will NEVER EVER as long as i live take you for granted like i did before . You're someone special Lindsey . God put you on this earth to help people. And your fucking great at it. You've always had a way of making me feel like i was special .. But i dont feel dat' way enless im with you. IM NOONE enless im with you .. all iam is a high school dropout who smokes alot of weed .. You cant imagine how hard my life is without you . i never told you this .. But the day you came to my house and saw what you saw .. all i wanted to do was just die . i cried all night long beacuse i knew i fucked up with you more than i ever had before . You deserve soooooooooo much better than me . and i know i dont deserve you. But you loved me once .. and i know i shouldnt ask you to again .. But i need to know that you still care. And that you'll be there for me to talk to if i need you . You have a way of talking me out of so much shit Lindsey . I'm safe when im with you. And i need that type of security .

I know you have a boyfreind . and i know your happy with him n' everythang . But PLEASE Lindsey ... i will get down on my knees and beg for you back in my life if thats what it takes . You mean more to me than my own family . I know i didnt show it when we were together . And i know you've said that you'll always love me , but not in dat' way .. But Lindsey I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU THAT WAY . I know im going to marry you one day ... i can feel it everytime i see you ... i know you're the one . My heart still skips a beat everytime you smile at me. I still remember the first time we ever kissed? do you? you know you felt that spark .. ive never had that feeling with anyone else .. every other girl is just a " girl " .. i will never find that feeling with anyone else .. as long as i live .. you're the one for me .. i know it .. please give me another chance .... I LOVE YOU LINDSEY KAY OLSON !!

im gonna come up to your school
tomorrow during 3rd lunch to talk Love Always ,
to you okay? please call me when Steven Joeseph
you get this ..
i might be at work ..
but just call my cell phone ..
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(no subject) [Mar. 7th, 2004|08:45 pm]
Lindsey Kay
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |right thurrr - chingy ....]

[ using bands names, spell out your name: ]
L - led zepplin
I - incubus
N - nirvana
D - dashboard confessional
S - sublime
E - everclear
Y - young and the hopeless

[ have you ever had a song written about you? ]
i dont think so .. lol ... i wish i did :)

[ what song makes you cry? ]
mamma im comin home - it reminds me of my mom .. :/
and hansons with you in your dreams lol

[ what song makes you happy? ]
anything by britney :) .. and Chingy - one call away :)

[ what do you like to listen to before bed? ]
anything on tv :)

[ a p p e a r a n c e ? ]
height: 5'1
hair color: Brown with streaks
skin color: in the middle somewhere :)
eye color: Brown eyed girl.:)
piercings: ears ... and i used to have my lip :)
tattoos: None yet,:)

[ r i g h t n o w ]
what color are the pants that you are wearing? beige :)
what song are you listening to right now? Again i go unnoticed - Dash ..
what taste is in your mouth? a ciggarete :)
what's the weather like now? its dark .. and it was gloomy earlier :/
how are you? Im doing pretty damn good thanks for askin :)
get motion sickness? sutimes .. not mostly ..
have a bad habit? Biting my nails. Touching my neck when I'm nervous.
like to drive? yep sure do :)

[ f a v o r i t e s ]
tv show: umm .. the simpsons ...:) and now the dave chapell show lol doug !!
conditioner: ReGis cuZ !! lol
book: the lion the witch and the wardrobe :) ...
non alcoholic drink: Sprite or Dr. pepper :)
alcoholic drink: Captian Morgans : ( spiced rum )
thing to do on the weekend: Hnag out with my baby !!! :)

[ h a v e y o u ]
broken the law: DurRr
ran away from home: yep .. lol
snuck out of the house: yes .. haha
ever gone skinny dipping: urrrrr .. yah .. lol
ever tipped over a porta potty: cant say i have lol doug tripped on rocks :) lol
used your parents' credit card before: a couple times .. for "emergencies" haha
skipped school before: LMFAO !!! are you serious .. your talkin to LINDSEY !! yes i have lol
fell asleep in shower/bath: yes *
been in a school play: sure have ...

[ l o v e ]
boyfriend: yep .. Douglas Christopher Gray :)
sexuality: IM STRAIGHT NIGGA !!! lol ..
children: not anytime within the nest 10 years lol
current crush: You know, what's the point in having a crush? And if you do have one.. why refer to it as a crush? Because CRUSH is a pretty negative word. Someone usually gets CRUSHed. Yeah. But, no.
been in love: Yes.
had a hard time getting over someone: yeah
been hurt: Of course.
your greatest regret: dating my ex boyfreind steven for soo long and lettin him hurt me as much as he did ...
gone out with someone you only knew for 3 days: umm .. i dont think so :/

[ r a n d o m ]
do you have a job: umm i used to work at Jack in the Box .. but that didnt work out too well .... :/
your cd player has in it right now: the cd doug burnt me :0)
if you were a crayon what color would you be: an exotic pink or green:)
what makes you happy: When my family isn't up my ass about everything :)
what makes you happiest: Doug :) <33
what's the next cd your gonna get:i have no clue .. i usually just burb em :)

[ w h e n / w h a t w a s t h e l a s t ]
time you cried: friday night ...
you got a real letter: on thursday from travis
you got e-mail: umm today from rex :)
thing you purchased: urrrr ... clothes
movie you saw in the theater: 50 first dates with dougy :)

[ y o u r t h o u g h t s o n ]
abortion: Depends.
teenage smoking: i smoke so i have no room to talk ....
spice girls: They are mah niggas ... LOL
dreams: Haha i have such crazy acid trip dreams. lol k.. im not a crackhead i really do have crazy dreams though !! lol

HAHA its been forever since ive done that shit !!! lol ... it was fun :)

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